KUBOTA appeared under the impulse of Captain Y (drums) and El Borbah (guitar/vox) willing to play an arrogant and energetic rock. Dr. Justice (vox) and Serb (bass) join them straight away.
Starting from a common will to create an efficient music within the reach of most people, their sound orientated itself in the beginning to a kind of stoner rock clearly rooted in punk ! The shadows of Motörhead, Boris, Turbonegro hang above their heads : super efficient riffs mixed with a rough and creamy voice, with tenacious anthems, the whole served on a urging rhythmic.
Formed in spring 2004, KUBOTA first stepped on the scene on June 21st, and El Borbah broke his hand later on that night. Let's say that was a pity start !
The summer allowed to heal the wounds and gather the energies. Two shows were announced for fall as well as the recording of a demo : in the end, the recording was ready for the show of December. The public was here and enthusiastic! The demo was sold out in the night (20 copies). KUBOTA had their revenge !
The demo, 4 titles recorded by El Borbah and Thomas Nédélec (Ultra Vomit) at Blockhaus DY-10, was later repressed (cd-r) and the cover art by MUSH-DESIGN was printed at L'ATELIER DU GRAND CHIC.
Between 2004 and 2005 the band shared the stage with such band as Moho, the Elektrocution, Watertank, Hongo, Derrota or Haymarket Riot. Ben Bosozoku appears behind the drums just before a tour in France and Switzerland with Hellmotel (Radar Swarm Records), KUBOTA ends the year opening a show at the parisian Batofar with Dozer.
Lots happened since 2006, even if public apparitions have been quite rare. The band first become a trio, with Dr. Justice and Serb's departures, and the arrival of Bojan (Watertank) on bass, which led to the exploration of more various, extreme, and even purely experimental influences.
A recording is made in the end of 2006, by Thomas Nédélec and El Borbah, still at the MY Studio of the Blockhaus DY-10. This recording is entitled “Watt is Love” and will soon be available on the new net-label Butterwitch.com.
A few shows are given in 2007, with Year Of No Light, Monarch and Capricorns among others.
After a hiatus following the departure of Bojan, 2008 sees the arrival of Alex Leclec'h (Right For Life) on bass. The sound of “Watt is Love” gets its whole width, new tunes are elaborated, and a new recording is scheduled for the summer of 2009.